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efforts of the osce and its Chairmanship. We reiterate our firm commitment to counter the serious problem of foreign fighters who have joined the ranks of isil / Da'esh and other terrorist groups. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our concern, raised most recently during the Programme Outline discussions, at difficulties with regard to cross-cutting budgetary issues, in particular, increases in staff standard costs, at a time when significant. Nous souhaitons, à cette occasion, rappeler le devoir de mémoire qui incombe à tous les Etats et nous appelons à une coopération internationale pour une mémoire collective de toutes les victimes de lHolocauste. We encourage further analysis of all life cycle costs for the IMS, including equipment, staffing and travel, so that the PTS and States Signatories can effectively plan ahead, while taking into account any resource constraints. We support further increase of the efficiency, utility and interactivity of the panels and we presented concrete suggestions in this respect. In this respect, we continue to stress the importance of efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in TC planning, management and project implementation and we continue to advocate for the greater use of Results Based Management.

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We reiterate that settlements are illegal under international law. Today we celebrate Human Rights Day to mark the gay partouze paris beur actif adoption, 66 years ago, by the United Nations General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this regard, the EU underlines the importance of unidos engagement with and support of the UN resident coordinator system. That was the easy bit The nuclear deal with Iran: The end of the beginning Jan 14th 2016, 4:35 from Print edition Sanctions are about to be lifted Distrust and verify: Iran comes (not very) clean on its.


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  1. The European Union will continue to closely follow the situation on the ground and the current diplomatic efforts. We welcome the consensus for a strong engagement of the NGOs in all debates. It also demonstrated the organisations ability to effectively monitor the compliance with the Treaty. Strengthening these capacities across the conflict cycle is key.
  2. This is already the second execution of death penalty in Belarus this year. (Alignment paragraph) The EU is fully committed to the universality, indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights and lends its full support to the multilateral human rights system with the United Nations at its core. The full implementation of these instruments could help facilitate the achievement of a sustainable political solution to the crisis in and around Ukraine. LUnion européenne est disposée à fournir un soutien accru aux efforts de règlement du conflit dans le cadre du développement et de létablissement de mesures de confiance, en appui et en pleine complémentarité du Groupe de Minsk, en vue.
  3. These synergies are equally relevant to ensure an applicable coherent legal framework. The Secretary-General describes the alarming trend of the use of sexual violence by violent extremist groups, including for religious or ethnic persecution, and its integral linkage to their strategic objectives and ideology, including its use to advance recruitment, funding, intelligence. Bref, nous considérons quil est très important dassurer la continuité des négociations dans le format 52 et nous attendons des progrès tangibles sur les trois corbeilles, en particulier sur les aspects politiques, institutionnels et de sécurité de la troisième corbeille. Full implementation of the Minsk agreements which provides the basis for a sustainable political solution to the crisis, respecting Ukraine's unity, sovereignty, independence gigantesque bite gay webcam gau and territorial integrity, must remain the focus of such talks. The Geneva International Discussions provide a forum where these issues can be addressed.
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